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Chocolate Point Himalayan Kittens & Lilac Point Himalayan.

Chocolate Point Siamese Kittens. Chocolate Point Siamese Cats GCCF Standard of Points. Eyes – Clear, bright, vivid blue. Points – Milk chocolate; the mask, ears and tail to be the same color. The ears should not be darker than the mask. Legs paler than the other points should not be too heavily penalized. The chocolate brown Himalayan Persians color on the points face mask, ears, tail, and legs, as opposed to the darker seal brown. Body color is whiter and brighter than on a seal-point cat. Himalayan Kitten Colors - Colorpoint all colors, including chocolate and lilac Himalayan Kittens for sale info: AISALIN is a small home cattery specializing in the Himalayan and colourpoint exotic all colours including chocolate and lilac. All kittens come with CFA and FIFe registration and vaccination records. While a seal point may be similar to other color point Siamese cats, such as the tortie point and chocolate point, there are some distinctions. The seal point cat has a fawn, or beige colored body and the tail nose and legs are dark brown. In fact, the term “seal point” refers.

When the Himalayan breed was created, it came only in four colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. After flame and tortie point colors were added, however, the Himalayan developed a palette of 20 possible colors! But don’t worry-- identifying your kitten’s color is not as daunting as it first seems.</plaintext></p> <p>Noted by light milk chocolate colored points with a light chocolate colored nose and paw pads, Chocolate point Siamese cats also have a cream-colored body. Lilac Point The palest of the points, Lilac points are considered a "dilute" chocolate, with pink-like grey colored points, a. Traditional or Standard Ragdoll Cats are all pointed cats that have blue eyes. Blue eyes can range from a light cotton blue to a deep sapphire blue. Traditional Ragdolls are born completely white and start slowly getting their color at about 1 week of age and do not reach. In the UK, all pointed Siamese cats are considered part of the breed, but in the U.S., only the four original colors are accepted by the major cat registry, the Cat Fanciers' Association: the seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. Ragdoll Cat Colors & Patterns: We are working on this Page, adding pictures as we have kittens with different colors and patterns. Ragdolls come in many colors and patterns, we have pictures of some.</p> <p>According to the National Siamese Cat Club, the range of colors under the seal umbrella go from a dark brown to a brownish black. While chocolate points are recognized as an acceptable variant for. These two kittens illustrate the difference between the Siamese Seal Point and the Tonkinese Natural Mink. Note the eyes, Jade vs. Blue! This is the Natural point Tonkinese. The same coloration as the Seal point Siamese but with the fun loving Tonkinese on the inside! This is a Champagne point Tonkinese. In the Cat Fanciers Association, it comes in four colors: seal point, a pale fawn to cream body with deep seal brown points and deep brown nose leather and paw pads; chocolate point, an ivory body with milk chocolate-colored points and cinnamon-pink nose leather and paw pads; blue point, a bluish-white body with deep blue points and slate-colored nose leather and paw pads; and lilac point, a glacial white.</p> <p>Colorpoint Shorthair is the name the Cat Fanciers' Association CFA, a United States breed association, uses to refer to pointed cats of Siamese ancestry and type in colors other than the four "traditional" Siamese colors seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point. We primarily breed the four traditional colors- Seal Point, Blue Point, Lilac point, and Chocolate Point. We occasionally have lynx point and snowshoe kittens available. There are three styles shapes of purebred Siamese cats- Wedge, Classic, and Applehead/Traditional. 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